Scale-To-Fit Agile Commodity Cloud Storage at Dramatically Lower Price

More and more leading organizations are going beyond hyper-convergence and turning to an enterprise cloud strategy to bring the agility, simplicity, and pay-as-you-grow economics of clouds to their datacenters.

Build your very own XE Cloud-Compute server with the configuration of your choice or deploy a custom appliance and placement request. A single-tenant Xeeor Cloud environment hosted in one of our data centers. Your high-performance cloud servers are configurable in hourly and monthly options.



How do you capitalize on your R&D data?
The challenges are clear

In today’s highly networked labs, collaboration is everything. Research teams, whatever their location, must be able to secure and then share data quickly to accelerate the discovery process and gain insights into complex information.

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Industrial Automation

Create the factory of the future and turn your ideas into competitive advantages with XE cloud solutions that optimize operations, security, and the collection and processing of data.


Bring the agility, simplicity, and pay-as-you-grow economics of clouds to your infrastructure.

Legacy on-premises storage solutions and first-gen cloud storage services are too costly and complex for the era of big data and digitalization. The next generation of cloud lets you cost-effectively store and process any type of data, for any purpose, for any length of time. By unleashing a virtually endless supply of data, Compute-Cloud will fundamentally transform the way businesses operate and compete.

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Emails are the heartbeats of a modern enterprise. Does your mail server scale up?

Critical data is transmitted, stored & referenced for years until its lost. This is one service that marks its importance, only after it's inturrupted by failure. Solutions to these failures often require tedious procedures to clearout old email, restore from backups, if available or move all individual accounts to another email server. What if you could simply scale up resources instead of boiling down your precious data?

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Maintain a realtime, off-site data backup always. Business stays on, no matter what.

We understand that your critical systems, applications and business files are some of your most important assets. Xeeor’s DRaaS Suite protects your critical data and allows you to recover your IT based on how your infrastructure is laid out today. From fully automated DR to self-service to essential cloud backups, we have a service that fits your budget and compliance needs. Protect your data today.

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Xeeor, Inc

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Xeeor is a technology company delivering low-cost, fast, and reliable cloud computing, storage and industry specific virtualized software solutions since 2008. Xeeor is 50% cheaper and 6x faster than its competitors, with 100% data immutability protection.

Created by AI automation pioneer Surjo Banerjee, Xeeor is on a mission to disrupt the worldwide data space industry. Xeeor Compute-Cloud commoditizes cloud storage and computing with groundbreaking pricing, performance and simplicity.