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Xeeor SaaS products are designed to bring about revolutionary changes to your organization through automation and savings. We’ve applied resolute focus on diverse industry segments to identify and develop enterprise technology solutions that evolve businesses for the cognitive era. The Xeeor Cloud delivers unparalleled security and reliability to your data driven operations. Our products are designed to simplify dataflow, analysis and centralized quality control in most complex and widespread operations. Configured for various industry segments, Xeeor presents a diverse array of products and service configurations that are guaranteed to fit and yield within the budgetary model of every business, irrespective of its size or span.


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Xeeor™ SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are powered by Xeeor’s comprehensive encrypted Compute-Cloud platforms that offer fully integrated infrastructures safer than any other big data processing solution on the market today. Developed by top international cyber security experts, your data is processed and kept safe and secure, unavailable to anyone unauthorized to see it, one step ahead of the intruders and government regulators. XeeorTM SaaS solutions are fully redundant and are configured with multiple layers of data protection, firewalls, vulnerability scanning, state-of-the-art proprietary encryption methods and more. Our unique Cloud space is ideal for hosting diverse healthcare applications including Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Case Record Forms (CRF), research data, bioinformatics, image archives, retrieval & communication systems, and revenue management, billing and payroll systems.

The space allocated to every client is virtualized with 100% redundancy for high-availability and business continuity during the most severe site-wide calamities. Xeeor Compute-Cloud is easily resizable for cost-effectiveness and up-scaling.

Xeeor Virtualized space is powered by dual-processor multi-host + multi-storage clusters over hardware-RAID, with real-time block-level replication of all virtual instances, configured to automatically failover to standby nodes.

The Xeeor Backup service is additionally deployed to protect Compute-Cloud platforms against all kinds of catastrophic failures. It is designed to enable data immutability, rescue and instant restoration of services and is the underlying data protection layer against accidental deletions, administrative mishaps and protection against malware, bugs and viruses

Xeeor clusters are protected from external power inconsistencies by multi-layered, isolated online UPS systems.

Xeeor datacenters host services to wide-area networks via high bandwidth, load-balanced, multiple leased lines.

Xeeor has developed proprietary virtualization technology to achieve 100% redundancy for its Industry specific mission critical SaaS provisions.